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We use cookies to improve your experience whilst using this website. Cookies are small files saved to the hard drive of your computer that track, save and store information about how you use this website. Some of the cookies used are very important for the website to be able to function properly. For instance, cookies are set when you submit a form, comment, or use the website in any way that is more involved than just clicking on links.

Also, there are some cookies used that track traffic to this website, e.g. visitor numbers, pages clicked etc, and this improves site usage. Your personal information is not stored, saved or collected. If you use and are logged into, then WordPress may track your visit to this site as outlined by  their own cookie and privacy policy.

Anonymous and non-identifying information that may be collected about your computer whilst using this site includes the following:

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You can of course control how cookies are used on your own computer, and you do this by adjusting your browser settings. However, it is important to understand, that by disabling or restricting cookies in any way could prevent websites from functioning properly.

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Information that may be collected when you use this site include the following:

  • Your name, email, & IP address when you use the comments section on blog posts.
  • Any other personal information you choose to send via comment or email.

Any & all data is kept only for as long as is strictly required.

If you use and are logged into a account when using this site, and are commenting on a blog post, WordPress may track your visit to this site, and therefor keep a record of your comment as defined by their own cookie and privacy policy.

Privacy and TOU

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