Artist in Residence


I have worked in a variety of Primary Schools in this role. I am CRB/DBS registered and have public liability insurance.

I am fully aware and sensitive to the often complex issues surrounding inviting guests into your school.

I believe my role as an outside provider, is to use the opportunity to work with children in a concentrated way, to experiment with the tolerances of materials and expand the concept, that drawing is only one way to express their creativity. Also, that it is a journey where the outcomes are not always expected, and may arise from those ‘happy accidents’ or negative spaces of the pieces that are often discarded. In this approach, ideas are often adapted and changed along the way, which can require the individual to take risks, and delve into the unknown.

Whilst this is happening, the language is specific and expansive, and always with cooperation at the forefront. If you have a project in mind I am happy to discuss further.